Meet The Founder

Jessica Segovia is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, and received her degree at the National University of Natural Medicine. It is her passion to empower individuals to find balance and create sustainable changes putting them on the path to living well·thy lives. Both through her education and personal health obstacles she knows the value of treating the body holistically.


Health Coaching

We partner with clients looking to enhance their well-being through self-directed lasting changes that are aligned with their own personal values. Your goals are achievable, Period. You know YOU better than anyone. It is with that understanding we endeavor to help you stay accountable to the person that knows you the best, YOU. If you are looking to break a habit that is blocking your path to a healthier lifestyle, we can help you. Smoking cessation, reducing alcohol consumption, increasing the quality of your diet, managing stress, and enhancing sleep patterns are just a few of the areas where Well·th Is Life can help.

Wellness Consulting

Utilizing strategies that are based in the naturopathic philosophy we deliver a holistic approach to creating balance in your wellness journey. Balance is achieved through educating ourselves on practices that help our bodies to naturally restore and maintain health. Factoring in nutrition, as well as your emotional and physical well-being, we develop plans to get at the root cause of the impediments to your individual well·th goals. We provide guidance around:

  • optimal hydration
  • benefits of hydrotherapy
  • the use of supplements/herbs
  • homeopathy
  • sleep hygiene
  • stress management
  • healing the body through diet
  • exercise plans
  • introduction to the benefits of working with a therapist,
  • yoga and meditation practices.

Personal Training

We offer individualized personal training and nutrition programs to help you meet your well·th goals. One-to-one, in-person training is available as well as online training and programming. Real well·th is achieved when both mind and body are in balance.


All programs are a 3-month commitment. With the exception of "All In"


This is for the individual ready to explore aspects of their health and ready to start making behavioral changes at their own pace with the partnership of a Health Coach.


This is for the individual who has clear well·th goals. This individual is dedicated and motivated to take on new challenges with guidance of health coach.

All In

This individual is ready to invest in their overall health and wellness. The individual understands the importance of holistic health and is willing to incorporate Health coaching, Wellness consulting, and Personal Training into a program that will not only allow them to achieve their short-term well·th goals but also understands this is a lifestyle.

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